Friday, February 22, 2013

Don't Break Thru the Ice

Linking with hostess Kat for the 3rd installment of the Journey of Fascination. Thank you for making me think inside, outside, a top, and around back of the box.  Brain push ups.

***My hard drive crashed this week....trying to keep up, but my computer use is sporadic.  Will try to visit and connect with my classmates as I'm able***

More of the Same 88/365
More of the Same 88/365

More of the same.  Yawn.  Nice.  But more of the same. 

It is not uncommon for me to speak to myself.  I live alone-you know, it's something you do.  Sometimes I whisper to myself and then wonder what the hell that is about.  I could blame it on the cat sleeping.  I'm starting to catch myself talking to myself out loud in public.  Yikes.  All I have to do is get a couple more cats and keep talking to myself and I will become part of the "crazy cat lady" club.

I'm off topic, already.  Geez.  I do have a point.  Something I found myself saying out loud when I'm out and about shooting pics, "I'm bored".  I take my camera off my face knowing I'm trying to force a shot of something, anything, or perhaps the same ol' thing.  I'm bored.

Bored does not equal breakthrough.  They both start with B, I'll give you that, but one is likely the complete opposite of the other, and sadly I'm on the wrong B.

I'm So Done BW
I'm So Done  BW

Here's what happens when you're on a breakthrough going the wrong direction.  But even though that day I was "done", the next day I picked up my camera and kept going.  That is a different kind of breakthrough I suppose.  The next day I shot that lovely image at the top of the page.

Snow Fence BW 161/365
Snow Fence BW 161/365

I've played with that snow fence numerous times, like 2 weeks ago.  I was not bored when I made this shot.  I wasn't jazzed, but I did find a different way to make the same subject sing.

I don't feel as though there have been breakthroughs for me lately.  I looked thru my flickr roll last night and didn't notice shifts big or small.  For me renewed energy, an uptick of interest, a fresh breeze of enthusiasm in any area-not just exclusive to photography-comes from learning new things.  I can self teach to a point and then I need input from someone of higher caliber, preferably in a live classroom setting, to push me up a notch. I love to learn.

Curve BW
Curve BW

I am proud to say that I am a self-taught photographer.  I think that's huge.  I don't pat myself on the back enough for that.  I took one basic photography class-learned very quickly the mechanics of the camera, picked up a couple of tidbits that stuck in my head, and waited patiently for 9/10ths the remaining students to catch on.  While this is worthy, being self-taught, I know I would benefit greatly with some expert, hands on instruction by a master teacher.  Sadly, I have not enough money to do that....maybe later.  If I won the lottery, I would go to photography school.  (Note to self:  you actually have to play the lottery to have a shot at it.)

If there's been any recent shift (breakthrough) in my work, it may be using black and white photography more.  I suppose that shows growth.  I don't feel it is at all a strength (yet), but I'm using it more frequently.  I used to not think of it at all, and now it's becoming more of a staple; more appealing.

Light Right, Lean Left BW 147/365
Light Right, Lean Left BW 147/365

I also think the challenge of doing a 365-and this is my 2nd one-offers itty bitty breakthroughs to happen, so small they go unseen...until you compare where you started and where you end up.  Pratice, practice, practice.  No one ever got worse by practicing.

I enjoyed thinking about this topic.  I will have to look again.  Maybe I'm missing something.  Maybe one frame of mind over another might catch something that was missed.  Looking forward to reading how others viewed their breakthroughs.


Tamar SB said...

Hard drive, oh no!!! I had an issue with mine last year, no fun at all! Love the skating pic - very cool!

Brace yourself for tomorrow..oy

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

I'm glad you did not give up, the snow fence is most excellent.

I keep thinking my backup strategy is flawless, but I'm sure there's a hole in it somewhere!

gina said...

I like your phrase "a fresh breeze of enthusiasm",
a great expression. I find your b&w images very appealing -- the snow fence and curve are terrific!
Congrats on being self taught -- it is a huge accomplishment. I think you are right about itty bitty breakthroughs happening sometimes, and we don't even notice.

Deborah Tisch said...

Brain push ups. Love that!

Ya know, when I read that word "breakthrough" I think of big moments of oh, now I get it kind of thinking. These don't come to me often.

So when you talk about itty bitty breakthroughs I understand.

And I don't care if you are bored, you can never bore me with these images of the shore. Since I'm surrounded by farm land I guess I just really like to see those fences and sand and ocean. Glad you are there to get these incredible images.

Ross said...

Wow! Great photos especially the snow fence. Sorry to hear about the hard drive issues. Sorry for not staying in touch lately but things have been pretty crazy. I promise I'll do a better job!

Lisa Gordon said...

I sure hope your hard drive is feeling better soon, Susan.

I LOVE your snow fence.

seabluelee said...

You may feel bored, but your photos are not boring. I also think that bored sometimes does equal breakthrough because eventually something will happen - or you'll make something happen - that will ignite a new spark. But I understand the "been there, shot that" feeling. I think of your Cuba trip as something of a breakthrough for you. Maybe your current boredom has something to do with coming back to the same ol' everyday life? I don't know, I'm not a psychologist. All I know is that I love the beauty and honesty of your words and photographs, and I hope you'll keep sharing yourself with us.
PS - I love both of those snow fence shots.

Brenda said...

I never find your images boring - but I do understand your feelings. I think they are part and parcel of doing a 365 Project. It is pushing through each day, finding a way to shoot DESPITE the boredom and the sucky weather and the lack of light. Because it is through the daily practice that we do change, tiny increment by increment.

Kudos to you for being preimariily self-taught - that is a HUGE accomplishment.

And I love your BW explorations - definitely a creative path worth trodding.

Rosie Grey said...

I hope your hard drive is working again! And I'm really glad that you're sticking to it, don't give up - I love your photos!

Kat Sloma said...

It sounds like you are in a slump now Susan, so I encourage you to look for past breakthroughs. The goal is to identify something that sparked a breakthrough in the past, so you can more intentionally set yourself up for them in the future. Maybe it was taking a class, learning a new technique, or visiting a new place. Maybe it was changing your approach. Look for examples of past breakthroughs and ignore the present for a moment.

Sarah Huizenga said...

What a refreshing post. I LOVE you sense of humor. Don't worry I use to talk out loud to myself all the time when I worked in retail. It was mainly to help me remember things. I don't have cats and I don't live alone, but I might be up for the crazy dog lady :)