Thursday, February 21, 2013

Third Thursday

Checking in; remembering to check in, with Brenda for this month's Third Thursday.  Thank you my friend. 

I'm pretty sure the idea of Third Thursday is to choose a skill, creative avenue, or interest you'd like to enhance or explore and focus on that for the month and then check in.  Being somewhat of a maverick, I didn't do that, but I'm checking in anyway.  Brenda likes me, she'll let it slide.  She's a self proclaimed rule follower and I'm a self proclaimed not rule follower.  We are those opposites attracting one another.  If my post falls out of the linky, you'll know I pushed too far beyond the attraction.  ; )

What I've done to remain in the ballpark of the rules is go thru my images to see what I've been up to, even if I'm not aware of it.  Maybe I've been on a creative avenue and I don't even know it.  Boo-yah.

I'm Trying
I'm Trying

I've never been able to jump with both feet into the whole texture "thing".  It never really felt like me.  I respect the work that goes into it, and the dainty rural scenes or flower essences or treatments of antiques ....but when I try them on for size, they rarely feel like me.

I have a nice assortment of textures thanks to Kim Klassen.  She is sort of "Queen of Textures", and I thank her for those she provides....but I wander thru them wondering what I should pick.  If I'm being honest (and I am) a lot of times I use textures just to cover up what I think is a sub par image.  Waa, waa, waa....the cat has slipped out of the texture bag.

BUT, I've been using them more lately and they have felt like they fit a bit better.

I've found some textures on Flickr.  They are a little edgier, a bit less flowery and my interest has notched up a few steps.  The image above has a texture by Joe's Sistah.  I like it.

Kick Ass
Kick Ass

Here's another one.  I like it, I don't love it, was fun to put together, and yes I was trying to rescue a sub par image.  I do think it helped.

Something else I've been doing without being intentional is using a duotone finish on images.  Again, I think this comes out of messing with images I'm not satisfied with, or maybe it's trying to catch a mood, but at this juncture, they appeal to me.  Maybe it's just a phase and I'll grow out of it.

Hard Days
Hard Days

The other day it snowed ALL day.  I decided being in was better than out and thought I'd play with some moody selfies.  This is a little on the yucky side of moody...I pushed it I guess.  But like the other two images, the colorization is placed against a BW process.  No texture on this one.  Just a touch of cat hair here and there.

So see, I even surprised myself about how creative I've intentionally been this past month.

Thanks for stopping by for my ramble.  My hard drive has DIED!  It is a wake up call to my addiction to all things internet.  I'm borrowing a computer for today, but will likely be without one until early next week.  If I don't visit, that's likely the reason.  A little iPhone can only fill in here and there.  I feel relieved that I have an external HD that has been backing up my files.  I can't imagine the instant crash into complete depression if I hadn't bought one.  If you haven't.....take my friendly advice.  It's like buying a $150 insurance policy.  Think it thru.


Norma Ruttan said...

I'm just the opposite of you. I LOVE textures, whether physically or virtual. I don't use them all the time, but...I do love them when texture seems to add that certain, dare I say ne sais quoi?
I like all your images, but the Kick Ass one speaks to me today!

Tamar SB said...

I have yet to jump on the texture bandwagon too. I just got a more in depth editing program and have fallen in love with more intense editing than I used to do before!

Brenda said...

It's true - I DO like you. And the purpose of the Third Thursday Challenge is really whatever works for you. See, I'm working on my "no rules" thing.

I love these post-processing experiments. I think that is what post-processing is all about - using the tools to capture the mood that fits the image. And it can certainly take a "so-so" image to new heights - those are actually the ones I like best, when I create something completely different from the point where I started.

I think you just have to find a way to use it so that it does fit your style and doesn't feel forced. And that's what these explorations are all about.

I love your duotone - I think it really adds to the mood of the image - adding another level of emotional communication.

Thanks so much joining in with the Third Thursday Challenge.

Anonymous said...

These are a great try at something you're not into. I especially like your Hard Day selfie - I like the processing you did.
I've gotten into the textures only because I felt they helped my images - does that sound a bit low self confidence in my photography skills? Yes and no.

Rosie Grey said...

I guess I never would have known that today is the 3rd Thursday! :-)
Wonderful post and photos - you never fail to make me smile, Susan. As to textures I've started playing with them again - I think on some photos they work great and on others not at all. As to moody or grungy textures - have you discovered the Shadowhouse textures yet? They are available on Flickr for download and also on a blog. Maybe you want to check them out and have some fun ;-)

gina said...

Susan, I always enjoy your posts -- your directness and humor make for a good read! Your edgy approach to textures really works here, love the I'm Trying image. I don't know anything about duotone, but Hard Days conveys strong feelings -- a powerful selfie. Sorry to hear about your hard drive....good that you were prepared! I'd better go do a backup right now!

Cathy H. said...

Love the post, made me laugh! You've done a great job using textures. I rarely use them and really have no clue what works and what doesn't.

Kathy said...

I have never really embraced the whole "texture" thing. I love seeing what others can do with textures, but I've never been real comfy with it myself.

Kathryn said...

I love textures but as you know I'm not a light bright or flowers girl myself. I was frustrated when I played with them at first but then something clicked and I created images that were more 'me'. I laugh when I look at the link ups and see my lone dark image in a sea of light but I'm ok with that. Next up I want to figure out more digital collage type stuff rather than simply overlaying of images and textures . . . maybe one of these days I'll find some time to explore that a little more.

Deborah Tisch said...

I like your images here, and that you also have tried using textures and doing that duotone thing. Very cool results!

seabluelee said...

I love your sardonic sense of humor that can make me laugh even when your having a hard day or your hard drive crashes (which constitutes a pretty hard day all by itself). I like your experiments with textures here. You're right, you're not a sweet and fluffy fairy dust kind of girl. These suit you much better. As for Hard Days...I wish you were here. We'd go for a walk in the sunshine. Spring is coming, my friend. Hang in there.