Monday, March 11, 2013

Desciptions Plus

Linking up with Kat for the home stretch...which is sad.  I have really enjoyed this fascinating journey.  I know I have one more bonus lesson to go, but then boo-hoo.  Thank you Kat and classmates.  An extra special thanks to my friend out there who made this journey possible for me. 

This was my favorite lesson of this journey.  I learned so much here about what I'm drawn to.  In an earlier lesson I was frustrated because I didn't have a sense of knowing what I liked in my life in general.  At least when it comes to photography, I do.  Consciously or subconsciously it comes through.

Farmhouse Yellow {21/52}
Farmhouse Yellow

Kick the Can {19/52}
Kick the Can

I like horizontal images with a shallow DOF and indirect natural lighting from high to low.  I favor monochromatic and analogous colors against a neutral background made more appealing if there's a pop of contrast in color-which surprised me in a monochromatic scheme.

Often the mass is an inverted triangle-heaviness over light weight. Finding a static image in my collection is a challenge. I like subtle implied movement as if someone just left,  but I also like shots that are blurred by the subject's movement.  I guess timing is a variable.

Diagonal lines play a huge part in the images I capture.  Often made more dynamic placed on a secondary line rather than primary but at times you have to take what you can get in the situation. Finding a static image in my collection isn't easy.

I like repetition and patterns to be present and almost always the story of the image is left up to the viewer to create.  There's a sense of mystery and the chance to wonder in an interrogative way.

Glass Cubes
Glass Cubes

Here's an image I'm not crazy about.  It has no emotional impact.  While I guess I tried to incorporate some color combinations and get a diagonal line in there, this shot bores me.  It has no story, no life, no interrogatives-but it's horizontal and monochromatic with a pop.  Sigh.

I am analytical.  I am.  Whether I want to be or not.  I believe it is my nature, but also believe that "having a good head on my shoulders", being neat and tidy and organized-these were traits that were expected and rewarded when I was growing up.  (There I go blaming Mom again-moms sure take a beating.)

What I'm hoping to focus on is my inner artist and not being obstructed by the technical whiz inside.  While it's good to know what speaks my language telling me I have a good photo, I want to leave that in the back seat.  I want my artist to hold the steering wheel. I want to feel it, to grow and be rewarded by me-not by someone else's standard.

While I knew I liked diagonals in my images, I didn't know about dynamic vs. static balance.  I had to look it up.  I found an awesome 3 part, easy to read and understand source.  So much so I now look at an image and can see the balance immediately.  Cool beans.  If you'd like to read it, here's the link.

Again thanks to Kat and to my classmates for journeying along with me; for reading my lengthy words and offering kind comments and suggestions. It's been a great ride. Will finish up that bonus lesson and keep journeying on.


gina said...

It has been a fascinating journey, hasn't it? It's been fun to travel with you. Here you've really dug deep to analyze your own photo style. I also am drawn to diagonals and shallow DOF.Your first image is just picture perfect -- the color repetition, the DOF, the light. Your composition in the can image really tells a story -- great POV. I will check out your link for dynamic versus static balance -- new things to learn. Artists in the driving seat -- yes!!

Tamar SB said...

I have loved watching from the outside of this journey! Gorgeous shots! You have such an interesting eye!

Kathy said...

What an insightful journey for you. From MY perspective...I just enjoy seeing the results of what makes you tick :)

Sarah Huizenga said...

I think that because you can write a good story, I agree you must have photographs that tell a story. That is being true to who you are. I haven't done this lesson yet, hopefully sometime this week. I love how you were able to pinpoint so much of what makes you tick in your photographs. So glad that we have met, and that I can still continue to follow your amazing progress.

Anita Johnson said...

I enjoyed this...looking forward to continuing the journey with tou.

Kathryn said...

Holy canoli, you have my head spinning like it's about to come off. Feeling really dumb in the photography stakes. Love the perspective of 'Kick The Can'.

Deborah Tisch said...

" I want my artist to hold the steering wheel. I want to feel it, to grow and be rewarded by me-not by someone else's standard."

I love that statement, and I identify with it. Well put.

This was a favorite lesson for me as well. Thanks for that link, too.

It's good to know these techie things and understand what makes an image Wow us. You expressed so well what draws you to a certain image or view.

As you gain confidence as a photographer, which I really see happening, it's great to read how it all comes together for you.

seabluelee said...

I'm so glad you've been on this journey with us! Looking at your examples here, I'm fascinated by the first two. You used the same composition and techniques for both, but they couldn't be more different in subject and mood. That I find very interesting.
Thanks for the link to the duChemin article. I studied it, I understand it, but I still don't really get it. I am NOT analytical.
Your inner artist is alive and well. Now, if I can just wake up my inner analyst....

martinealison said...

Grâce à vous je débute une belle matinée...
Gros bisous

Brenda said...

I find it difficult - putting into words why a particular image "works" or not. So I read with great interest your view on your own images and your discoveries about what works for you photographically. And I love your thoughts about wanting your artist to drive, rather than your analyst self - being an analytical, organized person myself, I can certainly relate to that desire.

Love your images - they really are so you, especially "Kick the Can".

Glad you were able to make this fascinating journey and that I was able to come along for the ride - with our artists driving, of course.

Sweepy said...

Woof Susan your photo seem drooly OK to me. I love ice cubes since it is so hot these days my furs are all lumpy. Ugh!

Justine said...

These are beautiful, I love that first shot especially. Thanks so much for your lovely comments, I really needed that and I really appreciate it x

Nancy said...

When you find some blogs you just say WOW and that is how I felt when I opened yours...I am a new wanta be photographer and I immediately identified with many of your words... "" I want my artist to hold the steering wheel. I want to feel it, to grow and be rewarded by me-not by someone else's standard." I am finding it so easy to be intimated by others art and opinions, that I am struggling to find my way....

I am really encouraged by visiting you and your wonderful blog and I will definitely return...