Sunday, March 3, 2013

Technicolor Scavenger

Linking with Ashley for this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  The treasure hunt for photographers.  Fun.

I'm wondering if the individual who created this week's list lives in a colorful place-like without dreary drab greys, whites, and mud.  This one took a little outside the box thinking.  I suppose that's OK.  Challenge keeps the mind from numbing out.


Red:  This was the hardest color for me.  I don't know, bokeh, street, cars, night.  I do these shots kind of frequently, but I like them, and that was a red light, not a green.

Snow Bound
Snow Bound

Orange:  Wonder how long this bike has been sitting out.  Wonder if anyone rides it on snowy streets.  Wonder if it's been abandoned.  Don't know, but had to snap one when I saw it.

Date in a Coffee Shop
Date in a Coffee Shop

Yellow:  Stretchy yellow.  That texture is helping me inch toward yellow, isn't it?  Work with me here.
Love this texture by Kim Klassen.  It's that notebook fringe at the top that appeals.

Fir Tree
Fir Tree

Green:  Even as a snow hater I will admit we had one fabulous morning for snapping some winter scenes.  The combination of a heavy wet snow with bright blue morning skies doesn't happen very often. At this time of year when temps are a bit more reasonable it can happen.  I was able to get some pretty shots before the snow plopped off branches.


Blue:  A Flickr group I participate in gave a prompt of mask.  I don't do costumes, but this idea came to mind.  I would never have thought of it on my own, but I really like the result.  I did another process in sort of a desaturated aged look which I prefer, but then the scarf loses it's blue.  Wish I had blue eyes for this shot.  I suppose I could Photoshop them in, but....then it wouldn't be me.

And there we have it.  Technicolor SHS.  Now on with the rest of my day.
Cross fingers, I'm hoping to put a house under contract today for my sellers.  Wish me luck.  I'm guardedly going to say I think the market might be picking up a little.  It's been a long dry 6-7 years.  It would be good to have a little uptick.  Call me if you want to buy or sell.  OK?  I'm very friendly to work with. ; )


Nicki said...

I like your out-of-the-box takes on this week's words and really like the bokeh in several of these.

Stephanie said...

I love your snow shot. That morning I thought I should go out and take some pictures but I just couldn't get myself to go out in the snow. Good luck today with the sale. I'm glad things are picking up here.

Kathy said...

Fabulous self portrait my friend :)

Tamar SB said...

Rocking the selfie! I agree - just white and brown here..

But temps in the 40s today - things are looking up!

Rosie Grey said...

Again a wonderful collection, Susan! I just love your interpretations! And fingers crossed! :-)
Have a great Sunday!

Sveta D. said...

Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog! I just had to come check out your prompts. :) I love that last shot. Stunning!

TheChieftess said...

I like your interpretations this week!!! Very creative...

Leanne Barnett said...

Great photos this week Susan, your selflies is cool & love your bokeh. Well done to find all the colours on your grey day.

seabluelee said...

You did great at finding color where and when there wasn't much. I love Fir Tree - one of the best snow shots I've seen - and Eyes. It's their darkness in contrast to the blue scarf and pale skin that makes them so riveting. Happy Sunday to you, my friend.

Kathryn said...

Wow, you did good to get all those colors, I'd definitely have been struggling. You don't need blue eyes, you have beautiful brown ones.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

I really like your interpretations of the themes. The texture in coffee shop it really nice.

Good luck with the sale, we're rooting for you!

Brooke said...

These are brilliant, my Friend. Keeping fingers and toes crossed that things pick up for you on the work front :D Good luck.

Linda R said...

I am loving that red shot. I have a thing for bokeh lights as well. And that last shot is my fav.. LOVE IT. So real...

Best of luck to you!!

Gunnar Hustad said...

I like your blog; many interesting pictures. Greetings from Norway :)

Brenda said...

Oh, I completely understand about the difficulty of finding color these days - it is definitely a challenge. And of course I will work with you on your interpretations - I think you did an amazing job considering the season in Maine. Love the yellow image with its texture. But my favorite is Eyes - very creative result, regardless of where you got the idea. Wishing you a great week!

Sarah Huizenga said...

What Kim Klassen texture is that? I agree the notebook fringe makes it awesome. I love how your Blue turned out. I wish I thought of that idea for my 52 of You prompt eyes last week. It is a great shot.

Cathy H. said...

You did discover some beautiful color! Wonderful self-portrait!