Monday, April 29, 2013

Project 52

Linking with Tamar for Project 52.  Tamar is likely keeping track of how many weeks have passed in this year.  I'm just thinking "holy crap, May is on the horizon."

Each week I feel like I say it was a mixed bag.  Mix of weather, activities, moods, experiences.  I suppose that's what weeks and years and lifetimes are made up of.  I need not feel repetitive when that theme passes again thru my mind.

For a sense of consistency and continuity, let's just say, this week there were trees....
....some even showed signs of spring.

Some continued the haunt of winter.

Some provided shadows and frames.

The Window 231/365
The Window 231/365
Some began to sing.

Under the Magnolia Tree
Under the Magnolia Tree
Hope you found some songs in your past week too.


Laloofah said...

This is an unsettled time of year, isn't it? I kind of enjoy the unpredictable, capricious nature of this seasonal "between time," at least sometimes. It's kind of invigorating, provides variety (one day finds me outside basking, the next day finds me inside baking!), and keeps us on our toes! And other times, I wish Mother Nature would just make a damned decision and commit to it. :-)

My favorite photo in this batch is "The Window." LOVE IT! The magnolia blossoms is my second favorite. So pretty!! I love the play of light and shadow in both.

P.S. Being not a spammer, my visit was not in the least adversely affected by your new policy on anonymous commenters. :-)

Kim said...

The window is my favorite! What a gorgeous they all are!

I say kudos to limiting your spam!

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

There's something special about magnolia's.

martinealison said...

Nos arbres fleuris ont chanté tristement sous la neige ce week-end !
Merci pour ces magnifiques photos.
Gros bisous

Tamar SB said...

Now that is some amazing light you found!!

packmom said...

Perfect light! Love that tree full of branches and the shadow of branches across that window. Great eye.

bgottsab said...

But there are definitely spring signs - and that is such a good thing. Love this series and the different tree personalities you have captured.

seabluelens said...

I love those fuzzy little Spring things in that first photo! It seems to take forever to arrive in Maine, but oh, it's so worth waiting for. Every little detail is appreciated so much.