Sunday, April 14, 2013

Scavenger Sunday

Linking with Ashley to Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

Last Minute 220/365
Last Minute 220/365
Glow:  One more shopping day left!
Wonder how many people are dealing with taxes today.  Not me.
The other evening there was that one couple sitting and waiting.  Yuck.

Summer Chapel BW 217/365
Summer Chapel BW 217/365
Old:  Little stone summer chapel from 1910.  I was able to snag a shot of these benches/pews thru one of the windows.

Candy Striper
Candy Striper
Shadow:  Better be careful how you spell the title of that image.  One T too many and......

Beach House
Beach House
Spring:  Calendar says so.  Not quite arrived though.  Maybe this week.

Carey BW 216/365
Carey BW 216/365
Smile:  I love the intensity of this portrait.  I'd like to take more like this.  Definitely have to be in the right situation with a willing subject.
This guy is very funny.  He did this look intentionally before he said something very witty.
So Carey...."smile", would ya?
Closing out another week of scavenging, and on to the next.  Always nice when I can bang out few of the new list in the first couple days.  Takes the intensity off. 
I hope you have a great day and really hope you're not spending the day with a 1040 and scrips and scraps of tiny receipts.


bgottsab said...

Beautiful set, Susan. I love seeing how your imagination takes the prompts and makes them uniquely yours. Love the beautiful light in "Beach House" - I hope spring does arrive soon for you. Great selfie shadow - with the addition of those stripes. And Summer Chapel works so well in BW - letting all that lovely light and lines and texture come to the forefront.

Mary Gene Atwood said...

Lovely set, filled with humorous text. Really like your shadow shot!

Stephanie said...

The chapel shot is a real beauty. I have got to go start peeking in windows. No telling what you'll find. Great shadow shot too.

Tamar SB said...

I'm done my taxes (I cannot take any credit - my mom's fancy people dd it and all I did was sign on the dotted line...)

The H&R was packed by me yesterday though!

Chapel - amazing - such an eye you have.

Tracey from Haiku.You.Do said...

Love, love, love all of these...and your wit. The combination is delightful ;)

Carol Blackburn said...

Hope your week ahead is full of wonderful surprises. I didn't know your other name was Candy....

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

I don't know, doesn't that sign say 'No Stripping' ;-)

My neighbor is a CPA and he's been putting in some long hours these last few week.

Spring has shown it's face here, hang tough, it's coming, I promise.

I like the intensity in Carey's photo too and I can just imagine him coming up with something witty right after the shutter closes.

Carletta said...

A really nice set!
I love glow - that greens is a nice glow as well.
Had to smile at your shadow caption - clever shot!

Ida said...

Nice set. My favorites were Old, such a lovely chapel.
Shadow was fun.
Smile was too come to think of it, very intense look.

Leanne Barnett said...

Nice set Susan, love the b&w chapel, lovely light.

Susan said...

Love your stripes. I will be submitting my taxes today. Oh the joys. At least they're done, just needing a sanity check after a cup (or two of coffee). Hope you have a wonderful week and that spring finds you soon!

Ruth Kelly said...

Your candy striper made me smile. Nice glow but we are all glad tax day is over.

Sveta D. said...

Beach house picture is awesome!

seabluelens said...

I know that school - left a comment on Flickr. Another excellent set. I loved that old summer chapel. That sort of place and scene really appeals to me. Candy Striper...what a great title!