Friday, April 19, 2013

Third Thursday

Linking with Brenda over at "the Nest" for this month's 3rd Thursday.  Thank you hostess.

Night Shift
Night Shift
For the past couple months I've been proud of myself for just remembering to link up for 3rd Thursday.  By reviewing my collection of images I could figure out what I'd been working on, even if I wasn't aware of what I was working on.
This month-even better.  I decided to work on something intentionally.  Yay me.
I don't feel my skills as a night photographer, well, I'm even reluctant to use the word "skills" and night in the same sentence.....I don't have any.  This seemed to be a good target area for me.

Nearly 8 BW
Nearly 8 BW
 Fessing up this target came primarily due to laziness-not getting my daily photographs done during daylight hours.  That's how it started.

At Night Sepia 210/365
At Night (Sepia) 210/365
 I don't particularly like using a tripod and to get good night shots, that's a must.  I have one a friend gave me (she's so sweet), but it's quite heavy and all metal.  It's very cold on my hands.
I tend to move around a lot when I shoot....I have trouble "sitting still".  A tripod sits still.  Hmmm.
Soooo......running back and forth to the tripod to do selfie shots helps.

Solemn 224/365
Solemn 224/365
This wasn't truly a night shot....more at dusk and therefore I didn't need the tripod.

Here's another way around the tripod....panning.  Need to work on that skill as well.

Window Shopping
Window Shopping
Something I'm working on at night is how to use light.  How to keep a scene as dark as I'm seeing it, but have something illuminated.  This was one of my fave experimental shots with the light from the store bouncing off me.  BTW....bah on ever affording anything in that store.  Tourist trap!

Duffys 228/365
This is my other favorite.  After experimenting (and making many errors) I played around with aperture to help that balance between light and dark.  I like the motion blur too.
P.S.  Do you suppose Main Street has ENOUGH light posts?  You could land a plane there for heaven's sake.
I didn't read anything about night shots or check on-line tutorials or you tube.  I just went with my gut to try and figure things out.  I think now would be a good time to do some reading or that I've done some stuff on my own.  I'll keep working, and OK, I'll keep toting that damn tripod around.  I do want to get one of those little gorilla tripods too-that would be good for a quick fix.
Thanks for checking out my 3rd Thursday and thanks to Brenda for this great chance to share.


Leanne Barnett said...

These are great Susan, love your night selflies, & love the motion shots.

bgottsab said...

Susan - so glad the Third Thursday Challenge provided you the incentive to investigate night photography. And I completely understand your dislike for a tripod - not my favorite thing either.

I love your examples. The deep blue surrounding the yellow lighting of "Night Shift"; "Nearly 8" is one of my favorites - with that beautiful lighting on the columns, pointed arches and the clock tower - very dramatic and beautiful toned in BW. Your selfies are so cool - your use of light is very effective in both - drawing just enough light around you to see your form, adding interest to the scene. Beautiful golden bokeh in Solemn and wonderful light painting in the motion of Motion. And I love the aqua green tones of Duffy's, contrasted with those touches of red and orange.

Thanks so much for participating in this month's challenge - and for providing the rest of us with a good topic to investigate ourselves.

Kathryn said...

I hate using a tripod too because it takes too much time to move the camera into position and I like to photograph on the fly . . . maybe one day this will change. I really love that selfie, a new favorite.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Great work on the night shots. One area I have no skill in :) My big splurge last year was a carbon fibre leg tripod. It made all the difference in the world. So light and easy to carry. The selfies definitely helps break up the boredom :) Have a great weekend.

Carol Blackburn said...

Why not just get a gorilla to tote the heavy tripod for you? Nice as a body guard too becuase if you keep standing on street corners like that you might need one.....:)
Love all your shots but the church is my most fave. Have a great weekend.

shirley said...

Susan, I love all of these. Night photography is really hard to get right. I applaud you for using a heavy tripod - I dislike them immensely, and the one I have is pretty flimsy so I get concerned the wind is going to knock everything down. I also feel conspicuous.
I especially like your first selfie - really great scene.

Cathy H. said...

Susan, these are all wonderful! I can't decide if my favorite is the clock tower or the window shopping. You captured some beautiful light in both of those! I have done very little night photography. I don't live near the safest town in Arkansas, probably the most unsafe and going out at night does not appeal to me at all! Maybe some day I'll take a trip to an interesting small town and try this!

tidbitsandtreasures2011 said...

I'm guessing your self-taught, seat-of-the-pants approach will pay big dividends. These are lessons that will stick with you because you had to work hard to develop them. Plus the things you've learned will be available and adaptable to other situations.

My fave--the selfie against the light pole.