Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Third Thursday

Linking with Brenda at the Feathered Nest for Third Thursday.  

The third Thursday has come early this month, so the stretch between now and the third Thursday in June will feel a bit longer.  I'm posting this on Friday-if I can complete it, or Saturday or know how that goes.  (here's a 5/21 edit-um it's Tuesday) But my brain now does register when it is the 3rd Thursday and that's an improvement.
Brenda's question: "What did you say yes to this month".  I don't know.  I said no to some stuff, like candy and ice cream and staying out past midnight, but yes is something else altogether.
This month I focused on a couple things:

1.  Pushing sliders/filters/processing/etc further than I normally do.  Daring to screw up.  There is totally some time spent in this endeavor and sometimes that time ends up in "Ctl W....NO saving file changes".  (That's shortcut talk for you just wasted a butt load of time trying to make something happen and in the end you reverted the file back to the plain old SOOC photo you started with).

However, sometimes it lands a big fish.
Rainbow Trout 246/365
Rainbow Trout 246/365

Or a littler fish.....


Or whatever kind of fish this might be.....

Watercolor 253/365
Watercolor 253/365
The other thing I worked on this month is:
2.   Shutting up.  By that I mean, letting photos just speak for themselves without me interpreting them or saying where I found them or what I thought or how the light was or what I was wearing or how I feel/felt or who was with me or how many times cars went by or if Tula was happy about it or not.  I am still working on the shutting up part.  I have enjoyed giving them simple titles either vague or overly obvious and letting a viewer give it personal meaning (or not).



Gilly 252/365
Gilly 252/365


Taking It BW 249/365
Taking It BW 249/365

I read a quote in a book-a book of photographs from the 9/11 attack. It was a collection of photojournalist's work. Each one had a beginning statement-describing where they were, how they got to the scene and what their emotions were. All except for one photographer.

He said:
"I don't trust words, I trust pictures"  Gilles Peress.

This quote has stayed with me, and was the impetus for my decision. I think I might like to do more posts that just speak in images, with a nearly nondescript title given to the piece. Hmmm.

I'd like to be a photojournalist when I grow up.  Funny;  I hate the news.  But I do like the spontaneity...maybe the local soccer game isn't too spontaneous.  Hmmmm.

Talk to Me
Talk to Me



Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

I like that quote. Nice collection from the stained glass to the old doors. I could never be a photojournalist.

Kay L. Davies said...

I tried being a journalist (someone else did the photos) and I hated it. I was 18 and very shy. I should have waited to grow up, I guess. One of these days...
Meanwhile, I love love love the reflection photo, Susan. It is utterly wonderful. I want to be there. I want to hug it...can't be done, but I want to do it.

bgottsab said...

Susan - "daring to screw up" - that's a pretty darn big YES! Letting yourself experiment - putting in the time - even when you revert all the back to SOOC. Because there are those times when the results are worth it - as you have so ably demonstrated with your examples. Love them all for their unique creativity. I have absolutely NO idea how you created Rainbow Trout - but it is way cool!

And thanks for the Peress quote - definitely something to think about. About letting our images speak for themselves. Without explanations or excuses or apologies.

I love all your examples - my favorite is Blue - it seems as if there is a light glowing behind the right-hand door - it makes me wonder who or what is inside.

Thanks for participating in the Third Thursday Challenge!

Leanne Barnett said...

Lovely photos, I love that quote " I don't trust words, I trust pictures" I think that's always a challenge isn't it- when to add words, what to say etc. It's something I always think about when i post anything.

Cathy H. said...

Beautiful creations! I'm guilty of too many words sometimes and I think it probably distracts from the photos. Just don't be too quiet, I enjoy what you have to say and how you say it and I've always loved how you title your images!

gina said...

Wowee, zowee, how did you do the rainbow trout -- what an amazing image! Sometimes I think I narrate too much on my blog and probably should post some wordless photos. For the record, I always enjoy your words and comments. Your "blue" photo really speaks to me -- love it!

Anita Johnson said...

Oh I waste a boat load of time sometimes too. I try not to feel guilty, but creative. Inspired to push myself a bit, but more than that, to have the photograph represent what I felt like when I came upon the sight...happy, sad, moody, surprised...whatever. (I too often come back to the original, or near to it. Not sure what that says about my editing skills. (o: )

Carol Blackburn said...

I just love that "uncertain" fence.

Lisa Gordon said...

A wonderful series of photographs, Susan. I absolutely LOVE "Uncertain." There is just something about those New England beach fences that is like no other.

Anonymous said...

Having a hard time commenting on this post. I hear you about "shutting up" - I've been thinking myself that perhaps my photos should speak for themselves without needing any explanations from me. On the other hand...I LOVE your writing. The comments you make about how/when/why your photos were made really enhance the experience of them for me. It's like being on that photo walk with you in a tiny way.

I like your processing experiments, especially Rainbow Trout (I'm wondering if that started as graffiti) and Watercolor. Your "vague or overly obvious" titles are interesting, too. I love the light in Uncertain, but Taking It makes my skin crawl. Those personal associations, I guess.

Ross said...

Great series of shots Susan! You certainly let these shots speak for themselves and "the fence" is just amazing!

Deborah Tisch said...

That idea of just showing the image without the commentary...that is interesting and something I am going to keep in mind.

I like your experiment and the wild colors in that first photo.

Anonymous said...

Your "uncertain" image fits my frame of my mind lately. I appreciate that you are letting your photos speak for themselves...