Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunny Scavenger

Linking with Ashley for this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

This week's scavenger was wicked easy.  Take snaps all week and 5 photographer's favorites.  The hard part was keeping it down to five.

This week warmth and sun finally arrived.  Last evening my friends and me were all wearing shorts (temps to 90 which is kind of rare in Maine), and remarking we still had winter gloves and warm jackets handy and hadn't put them away yet.  Two weeks back, we needed them.  Weird.

The arrival of warmth, sun and long light offered a reminder that this IS my favorite time of year-what I long for.  I was out chasing images until 8 p.m.  To me that is the best.

In the Grass
In the Grass
This shot says "summer" to me.

Taken at a nature center in the next town over.  This hillside locale gets beautiful late day light.  Hard to find an open western exposure when you're on the East coast.

Chairs BW
Chairs BW
I've been playing with sunflare and lens flare a lot, maybe too sue me.  I love the result.
BTW....I did sit a spell in one of those chairs and it was delightful.

This is a once in a lifetime shot....never be able to get exactly this again.  Near docks and pilings, late day light against subtle water ripples.  Way cool.  The longer I shoot images, the more I appreciate abstractions.

Ford 1936 Pick Up BW
Ford 1936 Pick Up BW
I have a hard time passing by an antique car.  They're like magnets for me.  This old pick up is in perfect condition.  I like the reflections too.
It's nice weather again today, so off to enjoy it.  Hope you have a chance to get out and enjoy the light too.  Photography is 90% about light I hear.  Thanks for stopping by.


Patrice said...

All gorgeous! Love that Fragrance shot!

Anu said...

Very summery. Lovely colours in the first two shots. And I love the lines in Chairs.

Dina Lettre said...

REALLY love these, Susan...especially the chairs! Wonderful choices!

Betsy said...

Wouldn't the shot titled "fragrance" make nice note cards.. I like all of the shots, but that one is so relaxing and pleasing to me.
Happy Sunday

Tamar SB said...

The pictures of the chairs are amazing!
And really, where did this heat come from!

Robyn G said...

Neat set of pictures, Susan. You did a great job capturing light and the start of summer. The "Fragrance" picture is my favorite this week!


Kathryn said...

So many great images but I just love the black and white shot of chairs and the chance photo in all its gorgeous waviness.

Karen Traversy said...

From seacoast NH to southern Maine! It's always nice to run across a neighbor. I enjoyed all your shots!

Karen Traversy said...

I forgot to say I am following and google +'d this.

Stephanie said...

Oh yea, I'm really feeling the summer with these shots and it's feeling so goooooood! The water ripples are amazing.

Susan said...

Great choices. I especially love your abstract too.

Nicki said...

We entered Spring with the same subtly - 40 today 90 tomorrow 50 day after 90 (you probably see where I'm going with this --- heater/air conditioner / heater...) These are great - love the chair shots and the reflective ripple are awesome. We passed an antique car exhibit/thingie yesterday and I mentioned to my husband that it would be fun to go so I could take pictures. As soon as the words left my mouth, I completely forgot about it. I will be resorting to strings around my fingers any day now.

Thanks for sharing these.

Karen said...

Love all of your photos! I'm glad you took some time to sit in those chairs. They look so inviting.

Carletta said...

Gorgeous set of shots!
Love the ripples and the car!
Next week is sunflare so you'll be prepared - I'll need lots of practice this week. :)

Ida said...

Super set. Loved your grass shot. Also the cool ripples in the water and the wonderful bench with the lilac trees blooming.

Carol Blackburn said...

Hey Susan, sure WAS hot this weekend wasn't it. I was draggin' for sure. Had the AC put in and now I'm doing better. It didn't stop you from going out and getting lots of super photos. Have a great week!

bgottsab said...

So glad you have sun and warmth in your part of the world - seeing it come through in your images. Love them all. Of course, I have extra fondness for "Chance" - that abstract rippled image - that once-in-lifetime shot. And the Ford - we have a local Classic Car Museum in town, which is now on my list of places-to-visit-and-shoot this summer. Your old car images have inspired me.

Lisa Gordon said...

Always love to see what you come up with for SHS, Susan. Really hard to pick a favorite here, but I think it would be "Fragrance" for me.

Love the last shot in black and white. It's a great composition, and it's also really sharp. Nicely done!

Happy Monday to you!

seabluelens said...

Your photos make me so homesick. I love Chance, and Fragrance.

Anita Johnson said...

I think I caught a whiff of the lilacs!

Sarah Huizenga said...