Monday, July 22, 2013

Third Thursday

If I don't check in with 3rd Thursday, it will be the 4th Thursday and all hell will break loose.  So, I'm checking in, even though it's Tuesday.  Brenda says that's OK.  Phew.

July 6th Show 307/365
July 6th Show 307/365

What have I been up to this month?  I think I'm supposed to be up to something purposely, but I haven't.  BUT if I take a little scroll thru my images I can see a couple things that have been driving the bus.  Funny I'm on the bus, but I have no clue where it's going.  Maybe that's not so funny.

My favorite thing about summer is having days with long light.  I struggle (and bitch, moan and complain) all thru winter.  The darkness takes a big toll.  This time of year I enjoy going out after dinner and shooting images until the sun goes down.

This gives me a chance to work in that "golden hour" which I so love.  Over the year I have tried to be better about making images work outside of the golden hour, but during these last few weeks, I have embraced it treating myself to the gold whenever the sun makes itself available. 

So, sun in the golden hour-that's what's been driving the bus.  Can I get a life-long ticket for this thing?

Touching Summer
Touching Summer

(I want to bottle this-forever)


(This is not color enhanced....the light was that rich)


(Even weeds in rocky outcroppings look good in golden light)

Red Dress 315/365
Red Dress 315/365

(She had no idea how perfect it was she was in red-nor did she know that I was taking her photo)

Summer Night
Summer Night
(It's been really hot.  I'm the only one not complaining.  People head to the beach in the evening to walk near the breeze from the ocean)

Game Over
Game Over
(Testing my everything looks good in golden light theory....maybe not chain link fences)

Drakes Island 316/365
Drakes Island 316/365
I'm very pleased with this last image.  Think it would be worth entering in a photo contest or something?  Let me know what you think.
And that's it!  Golden Hour.  Awesome.  Powerful.  Warm.  Do NOT tell me how many weeks it will be until winter is knocking at the door.  As my Aunt Lois likes to say "don't rush the season".
Thanks for taking a peek at my 3rd Thursday images.  It was a bit of a photo dump.  Sorry about that.
Thanks to awesome hostess Brenda too.


martinealison said...

Des photos qui résument parfaitement bien l'atmosphère estivale... de merveilleux clichés.
Gros bisous

Kay L. Davies said...

Fabulous photos, Susan. You did make the chain link fence look good, or at least made me notice the light on the basketball and on the grass behind the fence without noticing the fence until you mentioned it.
There, and if you read that whole sentence, there's a prize...I enlarged the Drakes Island photo and I think it is worth entering in a photo contest or something.
In a long life in the newspaper and printing industry I have seen many photos and this is, indeed, one of the good ones.

gina said...

Yep, you've really been working that golden light and capturing some great images! You had better share that spectacular last image -- everyone deserves to see it!

Leanne Barnett said...

Love these golden hour images & that last one is spectacular!

Becs said...

Fantastic set in gorgeous, gorgeous light. Love the lady in the red dress, great capture. And yes, absolutely I think the last one is contest worthy.

Lisa Gordon said...

Susan, what a beautiful series of photographs. The light you have captured in each one is wonderful, and the first and last ones are pure magic.

bgottsab said...

Sometimes we have to take the time to look back and contemplate to see the trends and patterns in our work. In this case, your collection of golden images is a true celebration of summertime. The pure bliss of this images - that gorgeous golden light - is stunning. And yes, pretty much anything looks wondrous in that light. Soak in as much as you can so it can carry you through the dark season.

The light in the first two is almost too good to be true - amazingly rich. In the "Red Dress" you have captured such a feeling of quiet joy. And yes, that last image should be submitted to something - lovely, lovely sunset with the diagonal line of the pier cutting through the sun's reflection.

Thanks so much for participating in this month's Third Thursday Challenge - you always inspire.

Sarah Huizenga said...

As always such beautiful images! Totally agree about the golden hour. I do better with the late golden hour than the early golden hour. I am hoping to capture some of that light in Montana.

Brooke said...

Yes! That last image is amazing! They are all great. . But my fav is the last one! Glad you are getting it and capturing all the summer goodness.... it goes fast. . Boo!

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

They are all excellent, the light is the best!

Kathryn said...

Gorgeous images Susan, I struggle to master 'the golden hour' but you have it down. I find myself longing for autumn with it's deeper saturation and richness of color.

Tamar SB said...

Amazing!!! I am a nut, I love winter for the dark nights which make me want to be all cozy inside, but these images, hello gorgeous!!

Cathy H. said...

Gorgeous golden light! I don't seem to every be out during the golden hour, I'm always safely tucked away at home! The last one? Yes, contest worthy! Amazing sunset!

Carol Blackburn said...

Always a fun trip to your blog seeing the sights that drew you to them. Yes the last photo is gorgeous. How about the Cumberland County Fair? I'm supposed to enter photos there this year. I also do Oxford (right in my back yard so to speak). I get ribbons in all places there and a bit of cash too. It's a great way to get started. Nice on your portfolio too.

James said...

Wonderful shots! The golden hour is amazing and you rally know how to work it!

Sorry but I'm rushing the season because I love fall and winter. :-)

smiles, Sharon said...

Hi Susan, it is Sharon from many moons ago. Wow is all I can say. You have IT ! The eye and talent and inspiration of what you love to photograph. Yes your closing photo should be entered into a hundred might win a trip to Florida in the winter!!
Seriously, your images are so well thought out and composed, and like you, I love that late golden sun.

I am hoping I can find a way to subscribe to your postings...that is the only way I can keep up with favorites. Keep smiling: Sharon

Anita Johnson said...

I'm right there with you...summer is sooooooo much better than winter. I'm trying not to notice the days are getting shorter AND today here in Wisconsin its 54. What's with that?

Ross said...

Amazing shots! Looks like you've been taking full advantage of your summer! Great job! Although it really isn't a job is it. I think most photographers would agree wouldn't they that this is a passion not a job!