Thursday, August 8, 2013

August 8th is all about Me!

All about me.

And how great is that?  Usually it's just your birthday that's all about YOU.....and you should drink it in, because the next day it's about somebody else.



After Hours
After Hours

King of the World 2
King of the World
I don't know when I started having fun taking selfies, but they are fun.  I shoot alone most of the time so if I want a person in the shot-it's going to me.  If you're going to give it a try, my advice-take a bunch.  Let's you end up sharing something you won't be embarrassed about.
The August Break 2013
August Break.  Suggested prompts are helping me-plus they're optional.


Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Ya know, 99% of my photography is done by myself, but I rarely include me. I may just have to post my last one, which I took at the request of a motorcycle blogger.

Tamar SB said...

These are so fun!! A very happy un-birthday to you!

Kathryn said...

Love these . . . you always seem to have such fun with them. I need to get over stepping in front of the camera.

TheChieftess said...

Fun shots!!! And good advice!

Anita Johnson said...

Looking good! Yesterday I heard a statistic that women start avoiding the camera at age 30. How sad is that...makes we want to grab my remote and take a few pictures of myself...tomorrow I'll be a day older! Ha!

Leanne Barnett said...

King of the world is my favourite!

augcott said...

I had to laugh at your comment about shooting alone because I do too! So, if I want a "model" in the's me!!! LOL
I enjoyed this post!

bgottsab said...

Have always been a huge fan of your selfies and the imagination and creativity that you put into them. Love the simplicity and hint of a smile in the first one.

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh yes, the first one is lovely, Susan, although the one on the tracks makes me nervous. I'm guessing that's an unused railway bridge?
But it's great to do an all-about-me post, so your blogging friends can see all-about-you!

Sarah Huizenga said...

You have become very brave with the selfies. I agree quantity rules here!

Susan said...

Fun!!! Happy (Belated) birthday! Loved the teeth photo, it cracked me up! Looks like you had a marvelous day!