Thursday, August 29, 2013

Favorite 8/29/13


What's my favorite thing?  Light.  Love it.
Ask me tomorrow or the next or the next and you'll get a different answer.  I think ol' Maria was on to something when she sang about her "Favorite Things", plural.  Maybe it is Rogers and Hammerstein that deserve the credit.

The August Break 2013

Pretty soon August will be done breaking-and be totally broken.  Sad face. : (


Tamar SB said...

Love this!!

bgottsab said...

I'm with you on light. Beautiful line of demarcation between extreme shadow and golden light. And "My Favorite Things" was a favorite song as I was growing up.

James said...

I love the way you capture light. People are going to start calling you The Mistress of the Light. :-)

Cathy H. said...

Oh, yes! Beautiful light and bokeh!

Linda R said...

Loving the Light here. What a great shot..


Carol Blackburn said...

Let there be light in your weekend, good food and friends. That is my wish for you. :)