Friday, August 2, 2013

Photo Heart Connection for July

Linking with Kat for this month's PHC, a monthly practice.  Practice, practice, practice....but it doesn't feel like work.  If you'd like to practice, practice, practice too, hop on over to Kat's Blog and find out how easy, yet fulfilling it is.  Thank you Kat. 

Untitled 319/365
Untitled 319/365
If you visit me from time to time, you probably know I love graffiti.  More so I love street art. I'm inclined to like the random words and shapes someone felt a need to share publicly.  I don't understand the attraction; maybe leftover defiance that needs to work itself out or maybe enjoying the sneaky factor of the "doer".  Whatever.  It is what it is.
Often my fave images are those I take instantaneously.  I glance, see something and snap-just because my instinct tells me to.  I am surprised how often they are good photos, photos that have reasonably good composition to them.  This image is one.
Which leads me to this choice.  I am a trained musician.  I am LOUSY at art.  Always was.  My brother's quillling and drawings were framed and hung around the house when I was growing up.  I had one.  Even my parents knew I was lousy at art tho' it was their actions not words that told me.  The one piece that was hung for others to see was a block art stamp-an absolute copy of the life size poster of Bobby Orr I'd taped on the wall in my bedroom.
It took time for me to call myself an artist-but I do.  I know my photography is art and sometimes I'm still dumbfounded that I've been able to be successful with this art form.  Someone said-it might have been Kat-that art is additive.  You put things on paper or sculpture or canvas-you keep adding until it "is". Except photography, it's subtractive.  With photography, you take something away not add to.  Maybe Kat didn't say this and she might like to argue the point, but I'm good with my interpretation.
My block print was sort of subtractive too-as I'd copied something else.  (Hey, that's how JS Bach learned to compose.) It seems when I shoot pictures that the art already exists and I just happen to see it, capture it, and take it away to add to my collection of thousands.
So how do you read this message left on the wall?  The message, the words? I glimpsed down an alley saw it in the corner of my eye, put myself in reverse, snapped, and then read it.  I don't know where the emphasis goes with this.  Is it saying "yes I do love art" or "damn should love art" or is it like a found heart?  Or in the multiple choice question is it D.  "all of the above"?
Another month another practice.  Thanks for checking out mine. 
P.S.  Do you see how damn close I'm getting to the end of my 365?  Whoot.  Last month-haven't missed a day and don't plan to.  Going to do it again too if you'd like to join me.  I'm beginning on Sept 1.  Does that make it a 730?


Kat Sloma said...

I love the nebulousness of the graffiti... it could be saying "I love art" - an expression of the artist who put it there - or saying "You should love art" or even making a commentary of graffit as an art to love. We all get to interpret it in our own way, and your presentation of it - capturing it in its place - helps the conversation along. I'm not sure I'm the originator of that quote (but I've been known to forget what I say sometimes), but I think there are elements of subtractive and additive in photography. I agree it is subtractive in the sense that we are taking something out of its reality, each time we frame a photograph, but it is also additive in the message we convey with how we choose to frame and process that element from real life. Great food for thought in the Photo-Heart Connection this month!

Kathryn said...

Definitely food for thought . . . damn it you always make me think so that my brain hurts, he, he, he. At first I didn't read it as Art just as someone's signature. Love the color combination which is striking on it's own. Would love to know the initial intent . . . serious or tongue-in-cheek. Great image for this months PHC.

Kathy McB said...

I love graffitti both for it's artistic nature AND the fact that it is open to such a wide variety of interpretations. Great find!

Cathy H. said...

What a fabulous find! Yep, it does make me think! I see it as "I love art!"

Prairie Jill said...

What a great shot! And a very thought-provoking post.

Miriam said...

I think this is the work of two hands. The first says Love, probably just saw the beautiful pink painted surface and wrote on it... because they could. The second hand is so beautifully written it has to be an artists hand and I think by adding art to love made a wonderful statement...
I always was rather fanciful... What it is, is lovely to me.
An interesting post and a lovely capture. Aren't the colours gorgeous?

bgottsab said...

Always love your ruminations. And the images that come from your deepest instinct. Love the way the brick mirrors the red and black of the graffiti board. Big, big congrats on the success of your 365!

augcott said...

I need to get out more and find me some graffiti to shoot!!!

Michele Matucheski said...

I am glad to see that you are coming around to calling yourself an artist. There are all sorts of ways to make art -- from the additive and subtractive methods. Part of it is just sharing what you see. And your graffiti find is a perfect example. You have a great eye! Thanks for sharing. -- Michele at Sweet Leaf, visiting from PHC.

rakusribut said...

my first thought was: love equals art. or maybe art equals love. but that might just be 'cause i'm rereading Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, which is a lot about unity and dichotomy and quality and the importance of the journey and the process lol!
anyway, for me the two are connected. as in the photo-heart-connection: my art is tied to my heart. or: i am baring my heart in my art, etc etc this is typical adhd associative reasoning but so much fun!
oh and it is a wonderful shot, very well framed, great capture!

Anonymous said...

Dear friend, you are not lousy at art. Maybe you're lousy at drawing, I don't know since I've never seen it. But you have an artist's eye and an artist's heart. I don't like graffiti - there, I said it and I'm not sorry - but you make it into art that I do like. That takes some doing, trust me!

Carolyn Phillips said...

This photo was one of the ones that really caught my eye when I was looking at the thumbnails on the link list. I love it! I've taken a few graffiti photos recently, but nothing like this. I think photography is as much an art form as any other, and sculpture can be about subtraction (start with a block, end with a statue) or carving. What you do is art.

Rosemary Reflectionsofmyworld said...

beautifully captured and thank you for making us look at this in a different light.