Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Leaning

Leaning in for Song-ography with the super fab and fun Kathy.  This week, "Lean on Me".  Fun linky, all are welcome and lots of room for interpretation.  Join in!

Last week I missed out posting as I was away where there was NO Internet. What!? 'Tis true.

On Monhegan
On Monhegan
However I was with my dear friends and we had a super fun time.  We're all "leanin' in" here for this picture high on the cliffs of Monhegan Island off the coast of Maine.  Jus' sayin'....artists' paradise, if you're visiting Maine, do yourself a favor and then thank me later.  Seriously-jot it down!
In addition to us leaning in, I had a tough weekend.  My cat was ill and I thought I might have to put her down-my heart was very heavy and it was hard to be away from home (with no Internet).  I was leaning on my friends a lot.  You know what?  They had no trouble carrying me along.

BTW...the cat is doing much better.  I'm watching closely, but I think she's turned the corner.  Phew.  I love my little miss.
My Sunshine
My Sunshine

Have a wonderful Sunday.  Looking forward to finding out what next week's song will be.  Kathy said they were going to get harder.  Hmmmm.


Carol Blackburn said...

Aww, glad the Princess is feeling better. I've heard so much about Monhegan that I probably should put a visit there on my bucket list.

Stephanie said...

I can picture me spending the summer on Monhegan with just a camera and a few art supplies but when I come to my senses I realize that without technology I would probably just last a weekend. So happy for you and your adorable cat. The photo is great.

Kathryn said...

That spot does look beautiful and it's a great shot with your friends. We all need people to lean on when the going gets tough. Glad to hear your sweetheart has turned a corner. Hope she continues to be ok.

Karen said...

One can never have enough friends to lean on! Glad your baby is feeling better.

Kathy McB said...

So glad your friends were there to carry you along. Sometimes you lean, sometimes you support...that's what friends are for (oops..another song title possiility? haha). Seriously tho, glad your precious one is doing better. What a FACE! And I'm kinda suspecting when it comes to you and your little one...the "leaning" is symbiotic. Glad you are back to civilization and WIFI, and thanks for linking up to Song-ography.

Kim said...

I hope your kitty is recovering well. I'm sure you have been really concerned. It's hard to think of losing our pets.

Cathy H. said...

Great way to interpret the song! Friends are the best of holding us up, aren't they! Glad kitty is better!

Tamar SB said...

So nice to get-a-way, right!? We spent a day at Crater Lake - zero cell reception. How awesome to take in the sights without updating every social media site!

So glad your cat is doing ok!!!

Deborah Tisch said...

Ohhh, sending lots of love your way, hoping your kitty continues to improve.

Nicki said...

Keeping fingers and paws crossed for continued improvement. Glad you had a good time with friends.

Ida said...

Very nice interpretation. Spending time with friends you can lean on is important. So happy you had a good time and that your kitty is doing better. She looks like a really sweet cat.

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh my goodness, Susan, what an adorable cat. I'm glad she has taken a turn for the better.
Having friends to lean on is so wonderful.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Glad to hear kitty is improving. That group looks like trouble. Maine has long been on my list and is a state I have never visited. I need to fix that!

bgottsab said...

Heard great things about Monhegan - glad you were able to get away from it all and spend times with friends. Love your "leaning" pic.

Glad your cat has turned the corner toward a return to health - I know how precious she is to you.