Monday, August 26, 2013

Yes, August 26

The August Break 2013

When Elephants Fly
When Elephants Fly

Two Weeks Left
Two Weeks Left
Yes, I did go to an amusement park located in the neighboring town of Old Orchard Beach.
I've never-never been there before, except in the off-season when it's essentially a ghost town.

I don't have kids so, I don't go to amusement parks.  This park, practically ON the beach, reeks of cheap pizza and french fries, has lots of beach-clad visitors....(um eeek), and there arechildren everywhere crashing into you because they're overwhelmed with the fun of it all.  And that's OK-that's how it's supposed to be.
Outside the Arcade
Outside the Arcade

Taming the Dragon
Taming the Dragon

Grande Orient
Grande Orient
I had a good time trying to capture the roller coaster.  Can you say "lots of deletes"?  That's what the button is for. 


I didn't ride any rides.  My "ride" was capturing the pageantry and color of it all.  Being an observer to the frenzy.

Then my true YES moment happened.


The light started easing down yet it was still there at the top of the Ferris Wheel.  I decided I should ride it.  YES.  It cost 5 BUCKS to ride the Ferris wheel!  I had $20 in my pocket to last until next Friday, but I thought I'd splurge and kick myself later.

Pay It Forward
Ferris Wheel
There was a little girl with her Dad in line behind me.  I chatted with him a bit.  Even though the line was pretty short, it wasn't moving fast and the light was going.  Hurry up!
Finally my time to get aboard and the attendant pointed to the sign "no single riders".  WHAT?
I asked the man in line if I could ride with  he and his daughter which he agreed.
As they came to the attendant, he showed the "ride a gazillion rides for too much money" bracelet he'd purchased for his girl.  Required to accompany her due to size/age he started for the ride hand and hand with her when the attendant indicated he also had to have one for himself.
I've never made a Pay it Forward moment in my life.
Yes I did.  I insisted he take it, and I walked away, feeling I hadn't missed a thing.
It was $5 well spent.

White Horse
White Horse
Besides the Carousel was right around the corner.
I realize for most the August Break is about brevity, I just didn't feel like being brief today.  Thanks for reading my story.


bgottsab said...

Great "pay-it-forward" story. Great golden light. You captured all the frenzy of an amusement park. with its wild colors and movement.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

That was sweet of you. I read this with mixed emotions. We went thru the beach amusement parks with my nieces/nephew, then my boys. My niece is expecting her first in mid-Oct, so the cycle starts again. This cycle, I'm bring earplugs!

Really nice series, great colors, yummy light.

Carol Blackburn said...

What an awesome story, Susan. I bet that child was on top of the world. Did you get their photo?
Oh by the way, I love that shot of the carnival guy with the stuffed animals. Don't you think he looks a lot like the stuffed bulldog on the top of the left pile? LOL Maybe if he smiled like some of those other guys he'd have some business. Ohhhh!

Kathy McB said...

When elephants it :)

Sarah Huizenga said...

Wonderful!! The best pay it forward moment I have heard in a long time, and thank you for not being brief. I loved every moment of this story.

seabluelens said...

Great story!!! But I wanna see pics from the top of the ferris wheel, please. :-)

Leanne Barnett said...

Love your story. I'm sure that dad was very appreciative (although clearly note amusement park experienced-of course he would have to have his own ticket!)

Tamar SB said...

Looks like such a fun park!! I love the shots of the roller coaster through the beams!!

TheChieftess said...

Yep! Great story!!!

Cathy H. said...

You are so sweet! I know the daughter was so thankful you gave them the ticket! All of your images are so sharp and colorful and they look fun and happy! Aren't you glad you went to the fair?

Kathryn said...

What a beautiful pay-it-forward moment. I haven't been on a ferris wheel since I was a young child. Mum freaked out because they stopped it while we were at the very top. :0)

Such fun colorful images.