Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday is Beautiful

Linking with Kathy for Songography, my new Sunday obsession.  Everyone needs one.

This is a fun linky as the songs are open to lots of interpretation.  Some interpret the lyrics, some the title.  Some interpret to the mood of the song, some just think about the words and take them in a new direction.  I like these options.  Thank you hostess.

Something Beautiful.
Sunday is a beautiful thing, especially when the sun is shining and I don't have to go to work.

I ran into a lot of beauty this week out and about.  How lucky for me.

End of Summer
End of Summer

I asked for a beautiful thing.  I saw an open field with hay bales.  I knocked on the door of the nearby farm and asked if it would be OK to photograph.  Mrs. Farmer was a little crotchety, but agreed and said-"but don't come back here with a broken leg; watch where you're walking."  When I smiled, she said "I'm serious".
 But it was totally worth being brave enough to ask.....

The Sky Above
The Sky Above

Long Shadows
Long Shadows

This morning I did a quick print over at CVS (God do they warm and saturate pics....yuck!) and dropped off 6 of my images and a quick thank you note in Mr and Mrs Farmer's mailbox.  Maybe they'll appreciate my thank you and give me carte blanche to come on the property whenever.
You never know.
And despite 3 days of heavy rains, I found beauty.....

Downpour 12/365
Downpour 12/365

That's a neon sign reflected in water rushing toward a storm drain in a parking lot.
Beauty I suppose is everywhere, if you have your eyes open.


Tamar SB said...

You have the most amazing way with lighting! The clouds in the sky are BEYONG amazing!!! Hope you're enjoying this super amazing day!

Kathy McB said...

Wow, you certainly took this song and ran with it in a "Something Beautiful" kinda way! Too funny about the lady on the farm, but kind are YOU to send her photos that you took. THAT is "Something BEautiful" too my friend :) Thanks for joining in on Song-ography this week!

Ida said...

Kudos for a wonderful post. I love that you asked if you could take photos of the farm. I don't think I would have the nerve to do that. Your shots are quite lovely. I especially enjoyed the rolled hay bales.
My favorite shot though is the cool neon sign reflection in the water.

Linda R said...

I am so happy the farmer Lady let you on the farm. Such wonderful photos. All of them.. Beautiful indeed..


Saun said...

Love that first shot so peaceful.

Kim Cunningham said...

All so stunning! Love the depth of colors.

Lisa Gordon said...

You sure did run into a lot of beauty this week, Susan, and you captured it wonderfully.

Stephanie said...

I stopped at Mrs. Farmer's this weekend too but didn't ask for permission. Your hay is beautiful - mine is not. I should have asked permission. I also shot the cows and they were uncooperative too - turned their backside to me. Not a pretty picture.

Leanne Barnett said...

I love your hay bales- just beautiful-fantastic light.

Kathryn said...

I don't think I've ever met a nice farmer, although I'm sure they are out there. They've always been crochety with me. What a lovely gesture to pop some prints in their mailbox. I hope it brings them a smile. Love that last shot, the movement, the color. Just beautiful.

gina said...

You did capture a beautiful Sunday, Susan! How thoughtful of you to give the grouchy farmer some of your prints. I love those long shadows on the field -- just beautiful!

Deanna said...

I LOVE hay bales...they are just a dream to photograph and you caught them in perfect light. Sure hope Mrs. Grumpy appreciates your images and the fact you sent a thank-you. Kudos to you!!

Carol Blackburn said...

Awesome photos Susan. Awww, so sweet of you to send the lady some of the pics. You probably made her day, and made her smile.

Anita Johnson said...

I'm not a real abstract person, but that flow picture is super cool!

Gilly said...

I LOVE that last image -can't express how much. Going to add it to my Shots I Wish I'd Taken list.

Sarah Huizenga said...

I love that you printed some photos and put them in their mailbox. Great idea! Maybe she will be in a better mood next time :)

bgottsab said...

Beauty all around - from sunshine to raindrops - you found it. I have always wanted to take photos of those round hay bales - kudos to you for asking and then just doing it. Your results are quite amazing. I know how much you hate to see it ending but that "End of Summer" shot is some pretty amazing light - that silhouetted boat floating calmly on liquid gold.

James said...

You sure did a great job of finding and capturing beauty! I love the colors and sense of motion in the watery reflection.

Rosie Grey said...

What a beautiful selection, Susan! I just love them all! Bravo for being brave and asking at the farm - it was totally worth it!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Ross said...

Wow! Great shots! As farmers in my area begin to clear their crops I'm looking forward to getting some shots like these, and the one with the sky above is fantastic! You just gave me the inspiration I was looking for.