Sunday, October 27, 2013


Songography with the fabulous Kathy over at "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out".  She's got a button, but I can't find the code for it, so use the link.  mmmK?

OK-heretic, stone me. I don't like Rod Stewart. It's the scratchy voice thing. But that's why radios have buttons, and CDs can be popped in the player when there ain't nuthin' out there that appeals.  I kind of avoid the whole music thing and listen to Dr Joy Browne and all those callers who need advice.

However, one need not like a song to participate in songography-that's way cool.

No More Rain BW
No More Rain BW
I think it may be human nature to wish for what we don't have.  Curly hair when ours is straight, living in a city rather than our rural spot, or that green grass the neighbors are sporting in their front yard.  Maybe they wish they didn't have to do all that fertilizing and lime spreading when they look at me sitting around.  Who knows?  The elderly want to be young, the young want to be "old enough".  It's just the way it is-and sort of pointless most the time.
Jeez I'm quite philosophical this morning.  Surely it's temporary.

Senior Year
Senior Year
Sad they don't know that this is when the door swings so wide open you can see the whole universe...if you open your eyes.
I didn't see it.

He told me I should take a whole bunch of photos of him and send them to Vogue.  I titled this without thinking about this week's song at all.  It's just an image that fits.

Showing the Love BW
Showing the Love BW
Don't know him....he just chose to jump in my shot.  His buddy in the background was a little less precocious.

Bingo Night
Bingo Night
She told me she never stays for the last "winner take all", she just likes playing the regular $50 to the winner games.  Skittles-jus' sayin', that's staying forever young.

Can You Say FBook Header?
Can You Say Facebook Header?
And here I am sort of in the middle wishing I could go back and taking a hard look at what's ahead.  I'm going to need these goofy friends as the years inch on.  Hope we can all stay together, but I bet it won't work that way.
Forever Young.  Yah, thanks for letting me ramble on.  Now I have to get back to my homework assignments-I'm taking a class on HTML and CSS trying to learn web development.  Egad-talk about "Forever Young"....all those 19 year olds in the class are killing it.  I'm getting killed by it.  I will soldier on however.  Have a great day.


Adrienne said...

This is an extremely poignant rambling ... from one kinda in the middle to another ... I hear ya.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Nice portraits, all of them wonderful in different ways.

Hang in there, html isn't too bad, css I never had to master. Throw in some javascript for good measure.

Carol Blackburn said...

Must be something in the air today. I'm reading a lot of blog posts that are waxing philosophical today. I hope "Philosophical" is the correct word. You're making me think about stuff. I hope you are not working and are having a great weekend. Cloudy and cool here, hope you have some sun. :)

Sharon said...

Great rambling! I love the photo of the older person, "Wisdom." And the one of your family -- great to be all together! Good for you, learning HTML. I should do that. You are inspiring!

Anu said...

Thought-provoking rambling and great portraits! (I don't like Rod Steward either...don't tell anyone...)

Tamar SB said...

Philosophical, but I love it! Great shots!

Kathy McB said... better study up in that HTML class so you can get my button working! haha. And for what It's worth, I always dig your ramblings. Streams of thought are so interesting to me. Love that selfie in BW, the way the light is hitting your face, you are beautiful my friend. Ah, those hands in your Wisdom picture. Every line and wrinkle tells a story that I would love to sit around and listen to. And the "skittles" lady? Does she share? :) Thanks again for joining in on Song-ography. You are proof that song lyrics can speak, regardless of who is uttering the words :)

Kim Cunningham said...

I go back and forth on Rod. I like many songs, and some not so much. But, he is an icon on my youth, so he gets credit for that! I love your images, and your selfie is wonderful. Love the light and the black and white conversion. said...

I love the hands-a whole life being told! And your self portrait...lovely!

TheChieftess said...

Wonderful series of shots...from your selfie to the the goofy guy stealing center attention...really wonderful!!!

Just think of your computer-eze classes as "think and stay young" classes!!! Learning all the ins and outs of digital photography and processing have been that for me!!!

Nicki said...

I could not stand to listen to Rod Stewart until he did some 'oldies' and it just fit his scratchy voice. I like the lyrics of this song more than the melody - so I getcha. Great thoughts and images. I remember being in college with an "older" student - a lady who had grown her family and reached her limits with her 'career' and decided 'what the hell, I'm gonna go to college." Back in the day when you didn't have to take a 2nd mortgage on your life insurance to pay tuition. I have to admit, I loved every class I had with her and her perspective on things, admiring her bravery to go back into the waters of youth. (even as a kid I recognized this was no easy feat.)
good luck with your class!

Ida said...

Well being a Rod Stewart fan I can't imagine changing the station but to each their own.
Your interpretation was fun. I loved how you had random shots of people you didn't know and such to fit the lyrics. Great job with the song.

Lisa Gordon said...

What a wonderful post this is, Susan!
I so enjoyed reading it, and I absolutely love the painter's hands.

Stephanie said...

Your ramblings were full of wisdom and so much more interesting than the lyrics to the song. Great post!

gina said...

I enjoy your rambling too.....we all get in the mood sometimes -- it's good to step back and get the long view sometimes, isn't it? How great to have a wonderful group of supportive friends. "Wisdom" is a very special shot. Good luck with all that computer stuff!

bgottsab said...

Beautiful collection. I SO admire your abilities to capture people, including yourself. Love the light in your selfie and the beauty of the black and white treatment.

Kathryn said...

I love your musings, reflections and amazing photos Susan. The group shot made me smile.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Great post as always. So true we always want what we don't have and don't appreciate the beauty right outside our front door.

Anita Johnson said...

I enjoyed reading this...I like the flow. I do that sometimes too, but you were able to put it in words.

James said...

Wonderful portraits!

I wanted to move to NH but I could make it happen, however I'm very happy with PA. :-)

Good luck with your class.

Linda R said...

I always enjoy my stop here.. Loving your photos. I am sure you could teach those 19 year old's a thing or too..