Sunday, November 17, 2013


Linking with my friend Kathy at "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" for Songography.

This week's tune, What a Wonderful World....a beautiful song.  There are songs I hear and think "if I never hear this song again, it will fine and dandy".  This is not one of those songs.  I think it's a song almost anyone can emotionally attach to.  When I was a music teacher I often taught it to my 2nd graders.  Kids singing this song, definitely a grab the tissue moment for most adults.


The other evening on my way home from work I was stumped for a photo of the day for my 365.  After dark.  Eeeeek.  Not a good scenario.  I walked along Main Street and through a large window happened upon a busy gallery.  Opening night for a showing called "100 Birds for Haiti".

The Birds
The Birds

I was shooting from outside and thought-"D'oh, I could go inside". Honestly, my brain is not functioning well these days.  Glad I did.  Turns out local artists were asked to paint a bird or birds on a small format canvas like 5 x5 or 4x6.  100 pieces were collected and put on display.

Opening Night BW
Opening Night BW

Each painting is priced at $100. Half of the money will be retained by the artist, with the other half going to Haiti to help with the continuing need there.

On the Bar
On the Bar

I think that's a pretty cool idea, and hope they can raise the funds they want to. If I were in a better place financially I'd purchase one. This is another testament to "What a Wonderful World" we live in. At times I think the corporate world can't see what artists, starving artists, contribute to it.

In case you're curious about my 365 I went for this shot I took next door at the barbershop.  And no, I didn't go inside this place.

Friday Night 76/365
Friday Night 76/365

I love how that boy is contemplating whether or not his world is going to be wonderful after the barber finishes with him.

Happy Sunday to you.


Kathy McB said...

If we all did, what we truly could do...makes you wonder what this world would truly be like :). What a great idea, so glad you passed this gallery and went INSIDE. And on a completely different note, the "Bokeh Bimbo" that I am loves the bits of it in the background of that bar shot. And I REALLY like the Black/White capture too. Actually...I kinda like all of them :). Thanks for joining in on Son-ography, and I'm glad I chose a song that you like :). Next week's is kinda on the same theme (regardless of how the video appears! haha).

augcott said...

What a treat to have stumbled upon the gallery .... and then to have the kahuna's to go inside!!!
Good for you!
I so wish I could be creative enough to play along with Song-o-graphy! I think it's a great meme.
diane @ aug's blog

Tamar SB said...

Wow, Susan - gorgeous! Love the benefit, love the photographs, and love that you chose to go inside!

Kim said...

Such a neat idea and way to raise money. Glad you stumbled upon it. I also just love the way you perfectly captured the light in the barbershop.

Carletta said...

I like your interpretation.
Events such as this one remind us it is a Wonderful World even if we have to look for it sometimes.
I personally like the shot looking into the gallery. Actually I like all the images.
Beautiful photos Susan!
Guess I should admit I'm like Kathy - a 'Bokeh Bimbo' - that's just too funny. :)

Cathy H. said...

What a wonderful event! I would love to have seen it! Great pictures, glad you wandered inside!

Stephanie said...

I peeked in the gallery window too and wished I had my camera.

bgottsab said...

Your images always show us what a wonderful world it is - and this series is no exception. Great gallery shots - such a wonderful idea for combining great art with a good cause. Absolutely adore the barbershop image - such a lovely captured moment.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Hair grows back (at least when you're young). That's a really interesting and moving project, I'm glad you stumbled upon it. I really like 'The Birds'.

Nicki said...

Your pictures of the gallery just seduce you in to see more. There is much generosity and positive in this wonderful world we live it - thanks for sharing your evening walk.

Ida said...

What a neat exhibit you happened upon. I think it's great that the money spent will benefit both the artists and those less fortunate in Haiti. - I took a double take at the bar shot after Kathy mentioned the Bokeh, very nice. Great shot too from the Barber shop.

Lmkazmierczak said...

What a wonderful concept for an exhibit♪♫ Glad I dropped by....have a wonderful week!

gina said...

So much fun to see your captures through the windows at night.....inspires me to go out this evening for a 365. The barbershop image really tells a story. It's good to read that people are still thinking about Haiti -- it is a wonderful world when we all come together to help one another.

Anita Johnson said...

I love coming here because you crack me up and I need that on a cold blustery day. My brain doesn't work well all the time either, but your photos are always fun to look at! (o:

Rosie Grey said...

I love that song, too, Susan, bit i guess who doesn't... ;-)
Isn't it amazing, what you'll notice through photography? I guess without looking for something to shoot for your 365 you might never have entered that gallery! I love your photos from that event, and also your photo for the 365.
I plan on starting my next 365 either on my birthday or on January 1, 2014 :-)

James said...

I hope they raised lots of money for Haiti because I know they still need all the help they can get.
I love the barbershop photo!

Good luck with your class. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great series, Susan! I love the first shot that includes the bird canvases, birds being a favorite subject of mine. But the b&w is pretty awesome too, and the barbershop photo is wonderful. Somehow I missed that one in the 365.