Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Songography

Linking with my Philly girl Kathy at "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" for this week's session of Songography, which has grown to be my fave spot to link fact most the time, it's the only place I'm linking up.  Thanks for giving me a forum for staying a tiny bit connected.

It Takes All Kinds......
of time,
and effort,
and diligence,
and push
to do a 365 and not fall off the wagon.

Coat Rack BW 65/365
Coat Rack 65/365

Inside Out 58/365
Inside Out 58/365

Restless Hearts 56/365
Restless Hearts 56/365

Bike Rack BW 47/365
Bike Rack 47/365
It takes all kinds of time....
to surprise yourself with what appears when you do.

Self Slide
Selfie Slide
This is totally not what this song is about, but Kathy said we can twist 'er up anyway that works.
Trust me, this is the only way that works right now.
Have a super awesome day and thanks for stopping by to say "hey".


Kathryn said...

Oh I just love those 'restless hearts'.

Tamar SB said...

Love the coat hooks and the bike shadows! Hope you're having a nice weekend! said...

Wonderful shots!

Ida said...

I think it works perfectly. You've taken "all kinds of kinds" with these photographs. I really love the Restless Hearts shot. That one should be framed!

Leanne Barnett said...

Love the light on your coat rack, beautiful!

Nicki said...

digging that coat rack and what do you mean 'not at all what this song is about' - it is totally what this song is about. Our world is a more interesting place because of our uniqueness and this post is uniquely you.

Justine said...

I really like your interpretation, great clarity and light on that coat rack

Kay L. Davies said...

I love your take on "shoot your eye out" too, Susan. Good stuff. The restless hearts are gorgeous, and who would have thought to shoot a coat rack? You have a great eye, as I think I've said before. You see potential in things other people would pass by without seeing at all.

Kim Stevens said...

"restless heart" - gorgeous, and am totally digging the bike rack and shadows!

gina said...

Yeah, it does take time and effort to continue with the 365, but it is so worth it. Look at your results! The coat rack really appeals to me and your restless hearts is five star!

Anonymous said...

These are all great and unique shots from all parts of life. Perfect for the song!

bgottsab said...

Glad you are staying a wee bit connected. And I completely understand about how easy it is to fall off the 365 wagon - since I did it every time. But your commitment to shooting every day is so inspiring - love all your images - "Coat Rack" for its gorgeous light; "Inside Out" for its beautiful red toning and crazy reflections; "Restless Hearts" just because it is awesome and "Bike Rack" because of those wonderful shadows. You go, girl!

Stephanie said...

You are one of a kind with your most interesting take on this song.

Rosie Grey said...

Hey there, Susan! Another gorgeous selection of photos! It's always such a pleasure to come here and have a look (and read).
Have a great time!