Sunday, November 17, 2013


Linking with my friend Kathy at "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" for Songography.

This week's tune, What a Wonderful World....a beautiful song.  There are songs I hear and think "if I never hear this song again, it will fine and dandy".  This is not one of those songs.  I think it's a song almost anyone can emotionally attach to.  When I was a music teacher I often taught it to my 2nd graders.  Kids singing this song, definitely a grab the tissue moment for most adults.


The other evening on my way home from work I was stumped for a photo of the day for my 365.  After dark.  Eeeeek.  Not a good scenario.  I walked along Main Street and through a large window happened upon a busy gallery.  Opening night for a showing called "100 Birds for Haiti".

The Birds
The Birds

I was shooting from outside and thought-"D'oh, I could go inside". Honestly, my brain is not functioning well these days.  Glad I did.  Turns out local artists were asked to paint a bird or birds on a small format canvas like 5 x5 or 4x6.  100 pieces were collected and put on display.

Opening Night BW
Opening Night BW

Each painting is priced at $100. Half of the money will be retained by the artist, with the other half going to Haiti to help with the continuing need there.

On the Bar
On the Bar

I think that's a pretty cool idea, and hope they can raise the funds they want to. If I were in a better place financially I'd purchase one. This is another testament to "What a Wonderful World" we live in. At times I think the corporate world can't see what artists, starving artists, contribute to it.

In case you're curious about my 365 I went for this shot I took next door at the barbershop.  And no, I didn't go inside this place.

Friday Night 76/365
Friday Night 76/365

I love how that boy is contemplating whether or not his world is going to be wonderful after the barber finishes with him.

Happy Sunday to you.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Songography

Linking with my Philly girl Kathy at "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" for this week's session of Songography, which has grown to be my fave spot to link fact most the time, it's the only place I'm linking up.  Thanks for giving me a forum for staying a tiny bit connected.

It Takes All Kinds......
of time,
and effort,
and diligence,
and push
to do a 365 and not fall off the wagon.

Coat Rack BW 65/365
Coat Rack 65/365

Inside Out 58/365
Inside Out 58/365

Restless Hearts 56/365
Restless Hearts 56/365

Bike Rack BW 47/365
Bike Rack 47/365
It takes all kinds of time....
to surprise yourself with what appears when you do.

Self Slide
Selfie Slide
This is totally not what this song is about, but Kathy said we can twist 'er up anyway that works.
Trust me, this is the only way that works right now.
Have a super awesome day and thanks for stopping by to say "hey".

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Eyes at the Ears

Fall Drab 51/365
Fall Drab

Tidal Pool
Tidal Pool

Chinese Lanterns
Chinese Lanterns

Turquoise Door 64/365
Turquoise Door 64/365
Oh I don't know, I've been out and about noticing stuff, keeping my 365 alive (ooooh rhyme time). 
 I'm still knee deep in homework so keeping it quick.
Hoping all my blogging peeps are doing well.
Happy Day.

Friday, November 1, 2013


Linking with Kat, thank you Kat, at Kat Eye Studio for this month's Photo Heart Connection. 

Whether or not you are interested in this monthly practice, I encourage you to visit Kat's website.  She offers a lot of great classes.  Something might just fit your interests.

Earlier this month out of the blue I was asked to an all day event.  10 area artists had been invited to a beautiful remote spot on the coast of Maine.  The setting included a large old farmhouse surrounded by open fields.  On the property there also sat a stunning Shaker barn in pristine condition converted for use by people rather than horses or cows.  The home-owner was gracious to offer access to the site.

 Plein Air 49/365
Plein Air 49/365

Each artist wandered the property searching for "the spot" of inspiration.  My job was to capture the sense of the day-the artists in the field, so to speak.  Some of my images would be used on a website.  
Timber Point Center Working Group is raising awareness and funds to use a nearby home formerly owned by architect and artist Charles Ewing.  Located on preserve land the house is inaccessible to anyone, yet it is ideally suited as a very low-impact meeting place.  It is in need of upkeep and the group is looking for reasonable use-a blending of nature and humans.  While preserving land is important-if no one can ever use or enjoy it, what is the point? 
I think balance is needed in many of these preserved areas.  What makes a fern or baby shrimp more important than a person?  Can't we find a win-win here?  They allow hunters on the land with license during certain seasons of the year.  Why not artists or those studying nature?
Ooooh, politics.  I don't do politics.
Anyhow-my PHC was much more personal and selfish.  As I was wandering the fields and shore visiting with each artist and photographing them, it hit me that THIS is what I love to do with my camera.  A documentary style of photography.  A balance between capturing an event-not a wedding-but something with a story-that includes people and scenery.  I really love doing that, not sitting at a craft fair amongst note cards and matted and sleeved 8 x 10's.
I've vowed to no longer work without financial reward of some kind.  I broke my rule here-it was an opportunity for me and allowed me to also be artist.  I will receive a tax-write off for my donation. 
I was disappointed. Only one of the 12 images I spent 3 hours selecting and editing was used for the website.  They used 2 others shot by their friend-unedited and more amateur.  If that works for them, it is fine, but I don't think the average person understands the difference and the work involved in creating photographic art.  This is another example of why it's important to VALUE my work as an artist.
They asked for 45 more images "for the archives"....I indicated that I wouldn't do that work without being paid.  They didn't care if they were edited or not-but I do.  I won't let my work out-put my name on it, until it's satisfactory to me.  No can do.
The value here was my photo heart connection. 
I shall cheat and include a couple of bonus shots.  I'm currently taking a computer coding class and having a hard time making blogging time....forgive me for stretching the ONE photo that makes the PHC. 
The day; that was the PHC for me.
Barn by the Sea BW
Barn By the Sea BW



Little Chairs
Little Chairs