Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rescue Me

It isn't always easy to be brave.
It can be really hard work to be brave.

Tula {9/52}

This is Tula.  Tula Dot.  My rescue dog I've shared my life with for the last 7 years.

Late Day Model BW
Late Day Model

She's a nice dog, but suffers from a lot of fears and anxiety.  Much of it surrounding heavy commercial vehicles; dump trucks, the garbage guys, UPS, oil delivery, school get the idea.

Pensive Tula
Pensive Tula

She isn't really afraid of the camera, she just doesn't particularly like it.  There are many things she doesn't particularly like, but has to work around: plastic grocery bags, the broom, people reaching their hands out to meet her (she likes meeting people who are sitting down and ignoring her-it normally takes 15 min +), things that move suddenly.  Anything "different" than her normal routine.

I have a gazillion photos of her in this pose.  She waits while I'm taking snaps, of her or anything else really.  No eyes toward my camera.

Soon Summer 268/365
Soon Summer
Here's the same pose in the opposite direction-sometimes it helps create a photo though.  Thank you Scooby Doo, Skipper Joe, Valentine, Lady Bug, Tip, Toop, Tula Tu, Tula Dot and the other parade of names you've collected.


I caught this one the other night when she was already on her bed.  I took about 10, most had ears back and eyes averted.  She was sort of "trapped".  Getting off the bed would have been more bother than just enduring me and "that damn camera again."  Honestly, I don't subject her to it very often.

Lest you feel sorry and sad for this dog.  Don't.  She's got it really, really good.  Walks in the woods or on the beach, plenty of food, spoiling on each visit to Grandmother's house, almost everyday spent in the office with me-she's got it rich.

Romp {151/365}

And every once in awhile I'll catch her in a mood that I often see, but that gets tucked away when another person enters the scene.

Each time I'm having an anxiety day-and I get them with enough frequency to know-I think how brave she must be to deal with a high level of anxiety most of the time.
That's brave, even though she's not dancing in the streets like the folks on the video.

Linking with Kathy at "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" for Sunday's fun Songography.


nancyjean said...

love your brave Tula...isn't it just amazing how much love a dog can give us too!

Sarah Huizenga said...

You have given her a wonderful life, and in turn she has given you a wonderful life. Where would we be without our dogs. Lacking for models that is for sure.

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

So glad she has you to look out for her and vice versa!

Sharon said...

Awwww, your Tula looks SO sweet! Especially in that close up of her lovely eyes. My pets have all come from shelters and I've seen the anxiety. My cat Murphy was obviously abused, but now he's loved and when I hear his very soft purr, I know he's at peace. Enjoy your weekend with Tula!

Lisa Gordon said...

She sure is beautiful, Susan.
So much love in those beautiful eyes.

Kathryn said...

The eyes are always so expressive. Joey our German Shepherd mix is a nervous dog but is doing much better. Love how you've captured her and her personality.

Kim Cunningham said...

Sweet girl! She looks like a lovely friend. We have an anxiety cat who hates things that crinkle, unless it comes from a snack, hates the vacuum, hates strangers, hates knocks on the front door, etc... So I understand!

Nicki said...

I love that you took this song to speak for our four-legged family members - those who are called upon to show their brave on a daily basis. Great post.

Adrienne said...

LOVED soulful. And Romp brought a huge smile to my face. Beautiful companion ~ and so wonderful to know she's got a safe, healing home!

Ida said...

She's beautiful. Love her "romp" shot and the "soulful" look. It always makes me so sad to realize how cruel people can be to have caused such anxiety in an animal. I am thankful to those like you who take them in and show them the love they so deserve.

Tamar SB said...

She is too sweet. Great pictures of her!!

Leanne Barnett said...

She is gorgeous & brave. Love the first shot covered in snow.

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, Susan, she's a darling, and you're right—she is very brave.
Our Lindy came to us with a bad case of separation anxiety. It was clearing up nicely, and we could even leave her alone in the house, but when her eyesight got bad, the anxiety returned. She is happiest when both of us are home, quite happy when she's here with my husband, and somewhat anxious when I'm alone with her. She seems to think she needs to guard me, and I'm sure that's worrisome, if not actually burdensome.
Another thing she has in common with Tula is a distaste for cameras, especially in the house. When she's outside, it's not so bad, so I think it's the flash she didn't like. She can still tell the difference between light and dark (we have night lights all over the house for her) so she still doesn't like the flash.
She differs from Tula in one way, however. She loves people, and even now that she can't see close up, she is happy to have people come to visit her on the street or in public places. She's particularly fond of small children because they might have something delicious on their faces.
I'm so happy to have seen all these photos of Tula, and to learn more about her life with you.
Luv, K

bgottsab said...

What am amazing tribute to your lovely Tula! Her eyes show it all - the beauty and bravery. You are lucky to have each other.

Stephanie said...

Tula is so lucky to have you. Soulful is such a beautiful photo and so perfectly titled.

gina said...

What a wonderful story of your rescue dog, and such great photos to go with it. The romp photo is full of joy! She looks like such a sweetheart -- you are lucky that you found each other.

Kathy McB said...

I'm kinda crushin' on your Tula Dot! And I don't feel sorry for her at all...she's got YOU and it's obvious how much you love and care for her. And I have a gumption that you have enough "bravery" for both of you :). I do like this photos, the glimpses of the life of Tula. I feel I kinda kinow her already. Thanks for joining in at Song-ography!

Anita Johnson said...

Tula seems like a wonderful dog! Our rescue, Bugsy, is afraid when people first enter our house, move their hands suddenly or if anyone swings something around. 7 years of living with us hasn't helped the issues. He is a wonderful companion, so worth the extra love he needs.

Claudia Willison said...

Awww - Tula is such a sweetie! Just look at those eyes - they see and tell it all. Love her. And love the photos you took of her. It seems like you make the perfect 'couple' giving and taking. Really awesome!

Cathy H. said...

You've touched my hear this morning! A beautiful story of your love for Tula!

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

She's a treasure! Don't feel bad, my dogs get up and walk away when I approach with a camera. Bella is always moving at warp 10, so all her pictures are a blur.

Laloofah said...

Tula is indeed a brave beauty, and I can't imagine what kind of abuse she must have suffered before finding her forever home with you. Kudos to any and all who rescue a critter in need, they are indeed special. And our rescues always rescue us, in some way, in return.

We've had one dog who seemed fearful of cameras and many who, like Tula, just aren't fond of having one pointed at them. A trait I share, so who am I to judge? :-) Tula is very photogenic, though, so I'm glad you are able to capture some good ones of her! I think my favorite is her bounding through the snow toward you, such a picture of pure joy!

Have you ever watched Cesar Millan's show "The Dog Whisperer?" He works with a lot of fearful dogs with amazing results, his tips can be so helpful, we really enjoyed catching them all on DVD not long ago. You might enjoy it!

Many belly rubs to Tula and love to you both!

Linda R said...

Awww.. What great photos of your Tula.. That last photo has me smiling.

James said...

What a beautiful dog! I like all of the photos of her but the top and bottom ones are my favorites.

Susan said...

Such a pretty girl, and such a great companion. It's nice she patiently waits for you to take pictures too.

Carol Blackburn said...

Awww, I guess I missed this post of yours. Tula is sweet but that last shot of her could scare the bejeepers out of me. I love dogs but have had my share of bad meetings with them.

Sweepy said...

Woof, Tula is on the spotlight!
Tula means "poem" in my drooly country.

Tula is my friend.
I miss her...