Friday, February 21, 2014


Five random things....that can get a girl blogging when there's a whole bunch of things on "the list" that she should be doing instead.  Random doesn't require much thinking and is more fun than anything else I'm supposed to be doing.  Boom!

The Craft Table 165/365
The Craft Table
Seriously, I don't craft.  I go to Michael's and wonder what people do with all that stuff.  This table looks like a craft table. 
It's where I'm matting photos for my next show-in T minus 7 days.
Yes, this is one of the jobs I'm currently procrastinating.

Bicyclist 171/365
In the snow.  Heavy snow, coming down fast.  What's up with that?

As In Winter?
As in Winter?
At the old trolley and railroad museum.  Because I wonder a lot, I wonder where Wonderland is.

Roll Hole BW 159/365
Roll Hole BW
This brings random to a whole new level.

Apartment House on the Water
Apartment House on the Water
Reflections always seem random to me.  I especially enjoy them when they become distorted-just a bit; a touch of abstraction.
Those are my 5 random thoughts du jour.  Well, I'll probably have other random thoughts later, but these are the 5 I'm sharing.  Have a great random Friday.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Day

Linking with my friend Kathy over at "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" for Songography-where the song this week is MY Day.  It's all about me!

I'm not watching the Olympics.  OK, sorry.  Shoot me now.  I don't have cable TV and don't watch much TV,'s not so much the Olympics, it's everything.

Therefore, I have to twist up this week's song for my own personal Olympics this morning.

For the first time in maybe 2+ years, Tula Dot and I went for a little cross-country ski.  I go to the gym everyday, but decided to take it outside this morning.  Wise choice.

On the Run
On the Run
Tula was absolutely Olympic sized happy.  She's not so happy this evening-she's sore everywhere, but her joy was wonderful to see.
We had the entire trail to ourselves as it was 7 in the morning.  Have to know when to chose your moments.  I complain about living in Maine because of the weather, but the chance to be out in the woods alone, can't get that just anywhere.

iphone Selfie
iphone Selfie
Yes, I was taking pics with my iphone and still not liking it.  I'm trying.  Skiing with a big camera is hard.  I know, speaking from experience.
Trail Partner BW
Trail Partner BW
"What do you mean, get in the car?"
Guess who didn't really want to go home.

French Toast and Fruit
French Toast and Fruit
Guess who really DID want to go home?  Every Sunday morning I make this as a  special treat for myself.  No syrup, just fruit.  The steam is real, just light passing thru from the kitchen window. 
And NO, I didn't take that with the iphone.
Thank you for your visit, and thanks to Kathy for hosting this fun linky. 
Go for the gold!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Feeling Random

Feeling random; I mean somebodys got to do it.

One Pass BW 140/365
One Pass BW

Maple Top
Maple Top Farm

The 6 Hundreds
The 6 Hundreds

Corral 160/365

This post means nothing other than the weather report and I saw some cows.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Photo-Heart for January

Last month I had a hard time choosing a photo heart connection and I find the same is true this month.  I'm connected with a variety of my photos because I think they are good, because I saw something in an instant and knew it would be a good photograph, or because I can remember the moment clearly on the day it was taken.  I'm not feeling the heart connection though.

Something I like about photography beyond the act of capturing images, sharing them with an "audience" of friends, taking time to process them to bring out the best, etc.  I can look at a photo from August of 2012 and remember that night or day or morning and sometimes my state of mind.  It is rare when I'm puzzled about where a photo was taken.

Nostalgia.  The dictionary says it's a yearning for something in the past, connected with happiness, but I think of it too as a peek backward that may be a regret or a simple remembrance without much emotional pull toward pleasure or pain.  It seems nostalgia isn't connected with something that happened last week or a month ago, but it digs deeper to a time in the distant past.  I shall contact Merriam-Webster and ask them to give a go at tweaking that definition for me.

Window Shades BW
Window Shades BW

I took this just a few days back at an old school building which is no longer occupied. It was pretty cold so I did a once around the building capturing images until I could no longer feel the fingers on my right hand. This image has a sense of nostalgia for me reminding me of an elementary school I attended. I don't have particularly fond memories of the school, nor negative ones either. It is the windows. They looked like this at Park Street School, especially outside of my 4th grade classroom-at least to me with a 9 year old's perception.

What draws me to the image are the cords hanging from the windows. I didn't see them while shooting, only when I looked at my photos later in the day. I wonder if I did see them while shooting and they just didn't register. I did note the different levels of the shades (not blinds), and I liked the imperfection which is when my brain suggested to my index finger I should push the shutter button.

When I look at this photo a year from now, I'll remember that I parked around back, the red door on the right side of the building, the sort of sorry state of a building now empty and becoming freezing cold 3/4 the way around and wishing I'd parked closer.

I have no idea what this photo-heart connection is about, but there it is.  Thank you to Kat for the link up.  I enjoy participating every month.

100 Miles for a Camel

Tracks BW {1/52}
Tracks BW
I got to thinking......who WOULD walk 500 miles for somebody?  I mean 500 miles at once.  I'm sure I've walked way more than 500 miles most every year of my adult life.  But walking and walking and walking?  I know, right.
Had to dig thru the archives to figure this one out.

Best Black Shoes BW 31/365
Best Black Shoes BW
Yah, not counting on this guy.  Imagine the miles on him already.
He's not sneering at me, he just has a sneer on his face in general.

I don't know about Phil.  He looks pretty busy puttering in his greenhouse converted to man cave with windows.

Not a Shy Guy
Not a Shy Guy
I'd be more inclined to think this guy got the whole motorcycle thing going on for back up.  You know, just in case of blisters or something.
Then I thought about someone who WOULD walk 500 miles for me.... 
My brother.
He might be a bit late in arriving, but he would come.

And I bet he'd walk a million miles for his little girl.  Smitten.
Linking with Kathy over at "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" for Songography.
Thanks Kathy.  You're awesome.