Saturday, March 1, 2014

Photo Heart Time

Screen Door BW 168/365
Screen Door BW 168/365 
Screen doors.  The kind that go "slam" then offer a secondary bump with the following rebound action.  The kind that swing open on a long spring to let your bare feet stub across the barn floor and out into the grass near the dandelions clumped against the perfectly edged row of  day lillies.  The kind that say summer lasts a very long time and feels carefree.  The kind that have a rusty hook dangling from the top corner. A hook that children ignore and adults undoubtedly use unbeknown to the little feet that go in and out, in and out, slam and bump, slam and bump over and over while the grass grows green and warm breezes blow.
Ten degrees, down coat, long johns beneath the jeans, feet in thermal boots, hat, gloves, pocket warmers....and the ice and the snow.  There it is.
Linking with Kat for February's Photo Heart Connection.  I sincerely suggest you give it a try.  It almost always surprises me.  Thank you Kat.